Cyber Security

Continuous Security Monitoring

Continuous Security Monitoring addresses the problems associated with cyber criminals that are extremely motivated to steal digital data. Whether it’s for financial, social, or political gain, your assets could be at risk. Criminals use strategies ranging from common phishing scams to more sophisticated and long-term attacks to disrupt your business activities, cause monetary damage, or obtain the information they want. With the average breach detection time at 205 days, criminals could be hiding out in your infrastructure already. Once detected, remediation efforts take an average of 46 days at a cost of $21,155 each day, but this does not always equate to the complete elimination of a modern-day threat. At this point, it’s time to admit that anti-virus software and off-the-shelf tools simply won’t cut it. If your data is as important to you as your reputation, you need a robust cybersecurity plan in place that enables you to protect your digital assets around the clock.

The Problem: The Traditional Approach to Cyber Security is Flawed

Traditional methods of cyber security focus on the monitoring of one or two boundary devices such as firewalls. But, this method fails to take into account how sophisticated modern threats are. A large portion of them won’t even target the firewalls at all!

The Solution: TruShield’s Continuous Security Monitoring

Our cutting-edge approach to cyber security helps you protect your mission critical data and client information from being breached. We deliver comprehensive, 24/7/365 monitoring, correlation, alerting, and threat intelligence services.

TruShield brings together state-of-the-art technology and a detailed global threat perspective to deliver a true end-to-end view of risks to your network.


  • Real-time, 24/7/365 expert analysis and response to known and emerging threats
  • Automated event analysis and compliance reporting
  • Integration with virtually any network device, operating system, database, web application or other critical information asset
  • Power asset or compliance based security reporting with cutting-edge analysis and visualization tools
  • Access to TruShield’s Global Threat Watchlist – an invaluable source of information for protecting you from attackers
  • Fully managed firewalls, IDS/IPS and UTM


  • rovides a vast improvement in threat detection timelines – literally from months down to minutes
  • Offers immediate incident response and management
  • Fulfills core compliance requirements of all cyber security industry regulations, including FISMAPCIGLBAFFIECNCUAFDICNRCISO, and HIPAA – with one smart solution
  • Arms you with the latest information about cyber threats impacting organizations around the world
  • Gives you access to a team of experts dedicated to protecting you from attack
  • Simplifies security and compliance reporting, and streamlines audits to maximize your efficiency to allow you to focus on your core business

Managed Security Services & Devices

Simply installing a password manager, an anti-virus software and hoping for the best is no longer a suitable Cyber security protection plan. You need to consider everything from current threats, such as spear-phishing, to potential future attacks and monitor your systems against increasingly prevalent insider threats.

Many companies assume they are too small to be the target of Cyber crime. While the monetary gain is a huge factor that drives Cyber attacks, there are many other reasons that systems are compromised. Criminals could be seeking access to private information for social and political motives or using your system to access sensitive business and legal information they can use for personal gain. You will likely never see an attack coming until it is too late. You can prevent this by protecting yourself and your business now with Varenya’s Managed Security Services.

Cyber security is a growing concern for companies and an important factor in building relationships in today’s global business world. Varenya has a number of managed security services that alleviate the high costs of operating an internal team and purchasing expensive software that needs constant updating. Let us take care of the Cyber security so you can take care of your business.

Varenya is your trusted partner when it comes to managed security services.

We aren’t your typical security vendor, we offer a customized approach to Cyber security and will work closely with you throughout every stage of the process to ensure a comprehensive Cyber security infrastructure.

There are a number of different devices to choose to manage your security. Simply having these devices isn’t enough. You need to have trained staff in the Cyber security industry who understand how to implement the device and how to manage each device on a daily basis.

This doesn’t mean you have to hire more Cyber security professionals for your organization. Varenya has the network engineers on staff that are ready to manage your Cyber security using our methodology through various Managed Security Services & Devices.

Professional Services

There are other cloud service providers but none will optimise your cloud solution, drive the deployment process and optimise the adoption of the technology better than Varenya.

At Varenya, we are dedicated to protecting every aspect of your organization from the growing Cyber threats present in today’s digital world. That’s why we employ highly trained, certified professionals who have a wide variety of expertise to assist you with every part of your business, including Security Architecture and Design, Audit & Compliance, and even Security Awareness Training programs.

  • The total package – combining existing services whilst incorporating products such as Office 365, Azure, EMS and Microsoft Dynamics.
  • The latest Microsoft services, including Lockbox for Office 365, 365 Es, Office Delve Organisational analytics and Power BI.
  • Flexible billing arrangements across multiple publisher technologies, whilst allowing increased visibility.
  • A single point of contact
  • Easy provisioning in real time via Varenya’s secure and easy to use Cloud-iQ portal
  • The most comprehensive set of support and consulting capabilities available worldwide to help you drive cloud technology deployment and adoption