Enterprise Implementation and Support Services

Enterprise Implementation and Support ServicesVarenya is wide spreading its service offerings to Maintenance, Support, Implementation services of custom and third-party software. We offer services that include application maintenance and support, application enhancement and third-party maintenance to consolidate and improvise the efficiency of the software performance. Research recommends that large enterprises spend huge sum of their budget on Application Maintenance. Effective application management and maintenance can help customers to save huge cost.

Varenya Custom Software Development is the forte of our service offerings, which is framed in the customer-driven approach. Varenya is committed to deliver solutions that enhance the customer’s business productivity, by addressing their unique requirements, hence helping them to utilize their resources in a robust and secured technological environment. Our study on the requirements of the customer is performed in a synergic environment to design the most appropriate solution.Our project phased development framework can help customers to engage and interact consistently in the development process, emerging with the solution that serves the customer’s business challenge.

 Varenya has extended its development capabilities in building, integrating, deploying and maintaining Third Party applications that can be customized according to the specific customer requirement or even serving the generic purpose. Though, there is a vast emergence of Third Party application we stand out in the market by developing error-free and quality IT systems ensuring on-time, on-budget and highest customer satisfaction index.We deliver Third Party applications that are integration solutions that can add value to the original application provider, but serves the business requirement of the customer. We specialize in web enabled solutions to supplement the hand-held devices and stand-alone Third Party Applications.

 Software Maintenance and Support strategically plays a very significant role for the software enterprises, after launching their products in the market. Our service ensures a long operational product life cycle and help products to generate better revenue. High-tech product companies invest hugely on maintenance and support, expecting to obtain continued profits. Varenya is primarily converging its thought to support the product software companies across the globe under different business verticals to present product maintenance services in a cost effective manner without absorbing the quality. Ideally, this strategic move would enable the product software firms to concentrate on the research and development of innovative products. Ultimately, this service provides our customers a good product sustenance and increased profitability.

Version Upgrades

Version Enhancements

Error Tracking and Debugging

Performance Monitoring

Performance Testing

Technical Troubleshooting

Quality Assurance Testing

Documentation Development and Maintenance

Varenya prides itself on building and maintaining strong partnerships. They are the key to our success.