Vipana for Retail ERP

VARENYA started its journey in 2014 with a vision to create a legendary experience in providing one stop solution for IT industry. While working closely with retailers, listening to their needs and identifying their concerns, we realized the need for special concern for the retail industry and thus solely come-up with software that provides functionality for businesses in any retail vertical market.

Today, Vipana offers complete Point of Sale and Inventory Management software solution that is made for retailers by retailers. Thousands of users across the globe trust our booming functionality, flexibility, and practical interface to run their business.

Our customizable solution, know that no two businesses are alike and thus provide a cost-effective, easy model exclusively for retail market. Our friendly, knowledgeable employees supports our customers both nationally and overseas.

We provide the most beneficial solution for every change in the retail business up close. With Vipana, our goal is to provide the most up-to-date software solution while maintaining a close, personal relationship with each and every one of our clients.

Benefits of Vipana Retail CRM.

With the mission to help the merchants with Fast and easy multi-location and multi-register set ups

Mobile solution, E-commerce Integration, Inventory Management, Real time Data Processing, Employee Management with the power of Cloud Reporting to access from anywhere without the fear of Data-Loss and providing inventory views suited to your vertical line of Business offering retail inventory management with a method that allows smooth operation even at times when the Internet is down exclusively designed to increase your Point-of-Sale at each level.

Vipana is featured with a series of module that is extremely easy to use and allows a retailer to monitor and change inventory levels without the necessity to access different modules which allows an owner to determine security rights per employee by assigning usernames and passwords providing users the ability but not limiting to:

  • Receive merchandise
  • Distribute to stores
  • Create shipping glaring
  • Change prices
  • Create purchase orders
  • Change and maintain size scales, weights and shipping charges
  • Print barcode tags and labels
  • Create multiple UPCs per item
  • Categorize inventory
  • Create “open to buy” budget figures

All these within just few clicks for continuing being the central-hub of your business. Adding to it, our system is backed by a strong reporting module that provides multiple views and analysis, creating better data and helping businesses make accurate decisions when it comes to recommendations for markups, markdowns, inter​-store transfers and new purchase orders.

VIPANA makes building customer relationships effective & your operation seamless.VIPANA defines five key areas of a CRM that need to be considered prior for initiating a retail CRM program:

Comprehensive Contact Management

Customer data management plays a significant role in CRM, but how it helps the other segments is the really amazing part.

Customer Data Management supports the capture, storage, and cleansing of customer data that is primarily used by the other segments of CRM. Having a booming, real time, 360-degree view of the customer that is accessible to all CRM segments is the foundation of a good retail CRM program.

Automate your Campaign Management

Think of campaign management as the prospecting segment, making use of customer data to generate interest and activity from a database of over 500 million social profiles, Vipana can accurately help you to link social profiles to contacts and companies with just an email address or a website.

Customers are segmented based on a variety of factors and assigned into groups, each potentially receiving different offer seamlessly within Vipana. Communication can be through direct mail, text messages (SMS), email, targeted Internet ads or even social media, depending on each customer’s preferred communication method.

It’s all about integrations.

Vipana manages the interactive communication between a retailer and customer, in just a click. It’s platforms range from mobile devices or tablets in the store, applications that run on the customer’s own device (smartphone) or software integrated into the unified commerce experience. Vipana encourages personal interactions and relationship building with customers through multiple communication methods. And thus makes Vipana the one stop solution for Retail CRM.

The Most Famous Vipana Service

With the Workflows streamline by generating and tracking customer purchasing behavior, loyalty programs issue rewards based on spend amount, specific items purchased and when or where transactions occur, By creatively offering loyalty incentives, retailers can often influence the number of transactions per visit, shopping frequency, average transaction rate and customer retention rates.

Best of all words Vipana reminders alert help you to provide personalized care during events like client birthdays, anniversaries and reviews of consumers so that you don’t miss the boat.

Reporting and Analytics

CRM is much more than a contact management system for your customer data. Get real time visual representation of performance analysis and business opportunities in your dashboard that helps you to make accurate reports of your employees and business prospects.

Moreover, Data gathering is a key component of any CRM program. Components of the program need to be tested, adjusted, retested and refined on a continual basis. Customers respond to offers that are appealing and meet a desire or need. Understanding what offer will appeal to a particular customer or group of customers requires an analytical process. Proactively understanding and responding to how customers react to their experience is an invaluable part of a CRM program.


Vipana takes the initiative to make each day of the merchants hassle-free to make their life easier with keeping the best interests of merchants in mind, and always working to make it interacting with your business and offering  an exceptional experience that would create a bond of loyality in-between. We genuinely care about the success of our internal and external customers that we partner with and keep no stone unturned   to understand their businesses and develop solutions that deliver the highest levels of quality, service and value.